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Minichamp BV exists for about 30 years and has become the specialist in the field of mushroom growing kits for home use. The idea behind Minichamp is that anyone can grow his own mushrooms at home. It cannot be fresher and anyone can do it. You also get acquainted with the cultivation manner in an instructive way.

Mushrooms are a healthy food and various kinds can even serve as a meat substitute. Think of shiitake, oyster mushrooms and stropharia. Under the tab recipes you will find recipes for various tasty preparations.

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The most important thing for the cultivation of mushrooms is the mushroom compost. Each type of mushroom needs its specific composition. Specialized companies provide these specific properties so that an optimal quality and harvest can be realized. An optimal quality control guarantees a good and healthy compost for the home growing kits. No pesticides are used In the preparation of the compost, so you can enjoy a healthy meal at home with home-grown mushrooms of Minichamp.

Lots of cultivating fun and... have a nice meal!

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