Familie Tuintje

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Variant 1. herbs: available all year round

Variant 2. vegetables: March - July available

Please indicate clearly which variant you want when ordering.

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Become a home grower and grow your own responsible vegetables and herbs. Very healthy and very easy with the Family garden! 1) Open the box by placing the paper upright, remove the bag of potting compost and the seed bags from the box.

2) Fill the box with potting compost preferably outside, so that you can make a big mess. When the box is almost full, press the potting soil well.

3) Divide the box into three equal parts, so that each species has its own space. Sow chives in the center.

4) Then sow the seeds from the bag, by spreading them evenly on this rich nutrient soil.

5) Don't sow too deeply. The rule of thumb: check the size of the seed and sow no deeper than its height.

6) Then evenly moisten the top layer with a plant sprayer with lukewarm water.

7) Preferably place the box on a windowsill where the most sunlight gets (with the most light hours).

8) Relax and watch it grow slowly.

Water regularly with a plant sprayer, preferably with lukewarm water and a little love does not hurt. Germination time varies, depending on the crop, between 5 and 20 days. (is an average of 10 days.) You can harvest from (after) approx. Enjoy your home grown herbs!

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